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Yonderland | History of Yonderland
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History of Yonderland

Donna Kucera Le and Gloria Kucera Belair, biological sisters, grew up in 1950s and 60s rural Kay County, Oklahoma. They lived together for some time in Edmond, Oklahoma and re-located in November 2013 to Logan County, in an area located about 10 miles north of Guthrie and 4 miles south of Mulhall. This move was in answer to much prayer and after having received the call in 2011 to move back to a rural area. That call continues to unfold, as they pray for the spiritual gifts of wisdom and knowledge to know and do the will of God . . . and to do all things to the greatest glory of God.

After locating the Logan County land, Donna and Gloria immediately named their place, Yonderland The Way Station, because they believed it would become for them a way station along their journey to their true home – heaven. And, also, the full name reflected their deep belief in Jesus message through the Gospel of John: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life . . .” John 14:6

After first building their residence, the sisters began the process of building a rustic spiritual retreat dedicated to fostering unity and strengthening of Christ-led families by giving families (and individuals) a place to get away from their fast-paced lives, to “camp out” together and enjoy the beauty and serenity of God’s creation . . . and to play and pray together. Yonderland welcomes people of all faiths, provides an atmosphere that promotes Christian based activities, and activities specifically rooted in the teachings and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.